American Girl Benefit Sale 2014 | Meetup

As we are a bit more than one week away, I felt the need to make this post urgent on my agenda. (oops)

I will be attending the annual American Girl Benefit Sale the Saturday of July 19th 2014.

My tickets allow for me to get inside the building at 1pm.

I would like to hold the meetup before I get in. Say, 11 am or 12pm-1pm?
There, I believe, is a parking lot right next to the building where vendors sell AG items. I would like to meet somewhere in that parking lot. 
I will post a photo on IG of what I will be wearing that day.

I would like you to answer a couple questions if you would like to participate in this meetup.
1) what time works better for you? How much time should I allow?
2) if you've been there, is there a good place to meet up in the parking lot?

More info when it arrives...